Finding Ideas for Writing

It’s sort of a cliche to say that artists get ideas from everywhere, but like most things, it’s a cliche because it’s true.

It's sort of a cliche to say that artists get ideas from everywhere, but like most things, it's a cliche because it's true. @emily_m_deardo

In my case, my ideas come from just about everywhere. A friend who grew up on a farm provided me with the inspiration for a short story in college. The Undesirables is based on my own life, but also what sort of life I’d be living in an alternative universe (being an opera singer), and current events. I dated a guy in college who spent a lot of time in Britain, and his comments about the weather were integral to the writing of The Gift of Snow. He was also initially piquing my interest in contemporary British life and culture, which play a huge role in that novel. A piece I’m currently working on involves the life of my grandmother, who apparently was a singer but never went to college to pursue it, even though she could have. Watching the film of the musical Carousel last week has also given me an idea for a story. I’ve gotten bits of character ideas from people in line at Barnes and Noble.

Music and books always play a big part in my novels. My characters like to read and sing or play instruments. Many of my current novels take place in the Midwest, because that’s where I ‘m from, and that’s what I know–but I’m also an Anglophile at heart (hence the setting of Gift).

How do you find ideas for writing, or whatever your creative muse is (composing, drawing, etc.)? Let me know in the comments.


One thought on “Finding Ideas for Writing

  1. Hey there! I found this quite interesting since it’s about how you get your inspiration for stories. For me, I see my stories in words. When I was in secondary school (middle school age), we used to be tested for essay writing and one of the options was a single word, in addition to the traditional argumentative essays. I think it was then that I cultivated the habit of branching out from a single word into the stories I write. I may find a certain word very intriguing and a story will then be the result of that interest 🙂

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