Going to new places

JULY 19, 2015 BY EMILY
Going to new places
Hi all!

So if you are an email subscriber to this site, you already know this. But if you’re not:

I’ve combined my blog and my author site into one lovely page at emilymdeardo.com.

I really love the new home and it’s so pretty! I can’t wait to share it all with you.

So if you are following me on wordpress, please go over to the site (linked above) and sign up for the newsletter over there, so you don’t miss any entries and updates.

Thanks for all your support! I look forward to interacting with you on the new site.


Edel 2015–What a Great Time!

Obviously, I’ll be writing more about this, here and in the “regular” blog (it’s in the  bar up top–click the “blog” tab to go to it, and then scroll down and follow, so you don’t miss the goodies there!). But for tonight, since I just got back, I give you this awesome:

I was on the radio with Jen Fulwiler and Hallie Lord! @emily_m_deardo
Being interviewed on the Jennifer Fulwiler show on the Sirius FM Catholic Channel.

Seriously, people, it was like the bucket list item I didn’t know I had.

More to come!

The Book Proposal is Written!

Getting closer to a real book! @emily_m_deardo

An update on last week’s checklist:

I have a written book proposal–a completed proposal! I am, if you can’t tell, really excited about this. I’ll be talking more about this on Wednesday (what  makes up a proposal), but this is a huge step forward in preparing my queries/book packages.

The proposal is essentially an Idiot’s Guide to my book. I summarize it, say why it’s needed, talk about me and my background, and then give a bit of the book. Some agents and houses just want this; some want this and a completed manuscript, and some just want a manuscript, full stop.

I’ve also decided that the book, at the moment, doesn’t need a prologue, so I don’t have to write a new one. I’m planning on writing the new epilogue once I’m back from vacation, because by then the actual ten year anniversary will have passed.

Today, I start work on the last list item: going through what particular houses/agents want.

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! Did you do anything particularly exciting to celebrate?