The Gift of Snow

NaNoWriMo 2013 novel

This novel focuses on three bachelor brothers living on the family’s estate in northern England. Andrew is the eldest and the title-holder whose life is dedicated to running Nottingham House. Mark, the middle son, is a doctor, and Peter, the youngest, is a literature teacher at the local boarding school. They co-exist uneasily together until the unexpected arrival of an American woman throws their delicate balance off balance.


So this is my Downton Abbey meets the Royal Family meets medical drama novel. The idea for it came long before Downton was a TV hit, though, so I guess I was ahead of the curve with the idea of a family that had a large estate and had to fight to keep it.

Unlike The Undesirables, this novel came to me with a germ of an idea, which was the car crash in the snow and the three brothers finding her. The Royal Family part was an addition that came to me while I was writing.



Manuscript status: second revision completed 4/15


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