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Emily is a thirty-something year old Midwestern native. She received her BA in Political Science and English Literature from Capital University in 2004. From 2004-2014, she worked in various positions in Ohio politics, but in early 2015 she changed her focus from politics to full-time writing.

Emily was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) at age 11, and received a double lung transplant in July of 2005. She is currently writing a memoir about these experiences, and has written three novels, which are in various stages of revision, and one short story. In college, her research focus was British Literature, particularly the works of Jane Austen. She is also a contributor for Real Housekeeping, where she writes about food and cooking. On her blog, Living Adventurously, she writes about books, pop culture, theology, relationships, and life post-transplant .

When not writing, Emily enjoys reading, knitting, cooking, and traveling. She is a life-professed Lay Dominican and teaches first grade CCD at her Columbus, OH parish. Emily is also a classical trained contralto who has performed in several choral ensembles, as well as in regional and community theater productions around the Columbus area. In 2005, she was named the Diocese of Columbus’ Young Catholic Woman of the Year.

She is found around the web at:

her blog, Living Adventurously


twitter @emdeardo

instagram @emily_deardo

Or, contact Emily using the form below:


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